Senior Living Community Amenities

Are you looking for a senior living community with amenities that will complement the lively nature of your elderly loved one?  At Eastside Active Living we provide senior living community amenities that prioritize the health and happiness of our residents.

Physical TherapySenior Living Community Amenities Offered at Eastside Active Living

Eastside Active Living offers premium care for senior adults and covers a wide choice of lifestyles.  From seniors living in apartments to assisted living which offers trained caregivers, and 24-hour nursing and medical care.  Our high standard of care (both medical and non-medical) is cost-effective for all residents.  Our mission is to provide the best service, care, and lifestyle match for our residents.

The various senior living community amenities that are available at Eastside Active Living include:

Physical Therapy Center On-Site

Aches and pains are synonymous with older age. The physical therapy center on-site ensures that everyone is well-cared for and can enjoy the treatment that they need – as they need it.

Medical Response TruckNursing Assistants On-Site

At Eastside Active Living we offer trained caregivers who provide assisted living through medication management and assistance with daily activities. There are also physicians, psychiatrists, and licensed clinical social workers, ensuring that mental health and wellbeing is a top priority.

Non-Emergency Ambulance Transportation

Not all hospital visits are an emergency, but they often are essential. Especially in older years when the health risks are slightly higher. Offering non-emergency ambulance transportation is one way to make sure that all medical needs are met comfortably both on-site and off.

Nutritious Dining Options

Following a nutritious diet is an invaluable step in maintaining good health, regardless of your age. At Eastside Active Living, food is a focal point for health, community, and wellbeing. With healthy food prepared by a talented team of chefs, the seniors can enjoy a meal with a friend and have the energy for other social happenings.

DiningDaily Planned Activities

Have you imagined your life during retirement? Working long days and raising children takes up a large amount of time that is left void once you stop working. The lifestyle at Eastside Active Living encourages a fresh outlook on life with daily planned activities to keep the blood flowing and the mind sharp.

Diverse Multilingual Staff

South Florida’s sunny and tropical climate is a definite appeal for those wanting to relax into retirement, attracting seniors from all over the country (and the world). The staff at Eastside Active Living understand this appeal and offer a multilingual staff.

The following languages are spoken in the community:

  • English
  • Spanish
  • Portuguese
  • Creole
  • French
  • Russian

Hair SalonClose Proximity to the Beach

Located a stone’s throw away from the beach, there’s a serene escape when needed. There’s nothing quite like watching the waves lap against the shore, and Hollywood Beach offers that opportunity.

The center is also close to Fort Lauderdale and Miami, making it a convenient place to visit for loved ones and family living in the area.

Beauty Salon On-Site

Life doesn’t stop after retirement. You may have a few more wrinkles that tell incredible stories from the past, but your lust for life often remains strong. The on-site beauty salon gives you the added physical confidence to make new friends, break out of your comfort zone with hair and nail services.

Furnished Apartments

Eastside Active Living invites you to join the senior community today. There’s no need to struggle with furniture and movers. Our comfortable and equipped apartments are fully furnished and ready for you to make it your own.

Reserve Your Spot Today

Eastside Active Living is in a great location, and only minutes away from Memorial Regional Hospital, Shopping Areas, Young Circle, and Hollywood Beach/Boulevard. 

With the best resident care available, the safety and wellbeing of our residents is our top priority.  Call 954-923-5057 to find out more about how to give your loved ones what they deserve in a cost-effective way.