Looking For A Spanish Speaking Senior Living Community?

Spanish speaking assisted living

With around 3.94 million people, or 20.9%, of people in Florida speaking Spanish at home, it is vital to guarantee there is not a language barrier – especially when it comes to senior living. In an active living facility, we want ourselves or our loved ones to feel that they belong to a community and aren’t just another resident. At Eastside Active Living, we pride ourselves on having a multilingual staff who focus on providing the best care for our diverse group of residents. Here our experts discuss the benefits of joining a Spanish-speaking senior living community.

Benefits Of Spanish Speaking Senior Living Communities

South Florida’s communities link the past and present, as the original inhabitants learned to speak Spanish long before English. As we have the third-largest Latino population in the United States, we must respect our Spanish speaking seniors and rich Latino heritage. Not only does Eastside Active Living have a multilingual staff, but we also have a multilingual community, which allows for our residents to continue to connect with their culture. Some of the benefits of joining a Spanish speaking living community include:

  • Confidence

    The medical requirements of our seniors vary greatly. Whether you or your loved one are entering our assisted or independent living programs, the residents’ customization of care is our top priority. When residents can confidently express their needs and medical issues in their own language, they are much more assured that they are receiving the exact care they need.

  • Memory

    Again, Eastside Active Living has a diverse community of residents with varying levels of medical issues. For those suffering from memory issues, having Spanish speaking staff members and community members is critical. Many patients who could speak English but know Spanish as their native tongue often forget or have a weakening grasp of English. Our Spanish speaking staff is available around the clock to ensure memory loss residents receive the specific care they require.

  • Belonging

    No matter where we are in life, seniors deserve to feel that they belong in the community. At Eastside Active Living, our Spanish speaking staff can better communicate with the residents, which allows for mutual empathy and trust. Spanish speaking residents also feel more of a sense of belonging as they can communicate with residents who share the same interests.

  • Outside Community

    Eastside Active Living is found in beautiful Hollywood, Florida, which has its own unique Spanish-influenced events and activities to offer. For example, our community is home to the Hollywood Salsa Fest, where you can enjoy live performances and dance to clave, guaguanco, and rumba! Eastside Active Living is conveniently close to Hollywood Beach with six miles of gorgeous beaches and the historic Broadwalk for those looking to enjoy the sun and sea. Our grounds are located near golf courses for those who enjoy sports and close to Downtown for fantastic dining and shopping.

Life At Eastside Active Living

No matter what language you speak, we offer all our residents a wide array of amenities to guarantee their comfort, safety, and health.

Some of the many benefits residents can enjoy include:

  • Cost-effective Living Options
  • Daily Activities
  • Fiber Optic Wi-Fi
  • Gourmet Dining Options
  • Hands-on Classes
  • Housekeeping and Laundry
  • Non-emergency Transportation
  • On-site Physical Therapy
  • On-site Salon
  • 24-hour Security
  • So Much More!

Whether you are looking for assisted living options for you or your loved ones to help with daily activities or are looking at independent living options to make life easier, Eastside Active Living wants to keep those senior years golden. Our caring, Spanish-speaking staff makes certain that all our residents not only feel special but also receive the specific care they need. If you or a loved one are looking for senior living options that let our resounding Latino heritage flourish, call Eastside Active Living today at (954) 923-5057.