Tips For Active Senior Living

active senior living

If you are living out your senior years, then you are probably in a fortunate position where you have more time than ever to lead an active and healthy life. If you have previously led a sedentary lifestyle because you didn’t have the time or inclination to exercise and the whole concept is daunting, here are some active senior living tips to get you started.

How Much Exercise Do Seniors Need To Do?

As a senior, it is now more important than ever to start and maintain a regular exercise routine. A good guideline is to aim for about 150 minutes of moderate physical activity per week. Depending on the type of activity and individual time constraints, this can be achieved as follows:

  • 20 minutes every day
  • 30 minutes – five days a week
  • 50 minutes – three days a week

What Type Of Exercise Is Best For Active Seniors?

The best exercise for seniors is participating in any physical activity that you enjoy. To be disciplined and encouraged to exercise, you need to choose an activity that you enjoy and adjust it according to any limitations you may have.

All exercise routines must include:

  • Endurance
  • Strength
  • Flexibility
  • Balance


Endurance exercise is vital for a healthy cardiac, respiratory, and circulatory system. Aerobic exercises, where you increase your heart rate and breathing include:

  • A brisk walk or jog in your local park or neighborhood
  • Swimming
  • Riding a bicycle
  • Tennis or any similar sport
  • Golf (especially if you don’t use the golf cart between every hole). A person can learn to play golf at any age and many friends are made on a golf course.


Strength exercises are very important for basic mobility. All muscle groups need to be exercised, but not all muscle groups need to be exercised on the same day or even every day. Swimming is a very good, non-weight bearing exercise that involves muscles in the arms, chest, shoulders, legs, stomach, back, and hips.


As you get older, you become less and less flexible. Unless you make a conscious effort to include stretching in your exercise routine, basic movements like looking behind you, bending to put on your shoes, or even making a bed, become difficult.

Yoga is an excellent way to gradually improve your muscle strength and flexibility. Yoga instructors are trained to assist anyone from the novice to the advanced, encouraging them not only to improve but also to maintain their flexibility.


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has stated that one in five Americans over the age of 65 falls every year. Studies have also shown that once the elderly have had a fall, they are two times more likely to fall again.

Practicing maintaining your balance is a very good way to prevent falls. An easy way to do this is by standing on one foot for a few seconds throughout the day (e.g. while waiting in a queue) or walking heel-toe for a few meters when going for your daily walk.

Tips For Starting & Maintain An Exercise Routine

Starting an exercise routine doesn’t need to be a daunting task. Here are some practical tips to get you going and keep you motivated:

    • Visit a doctor and get a medical clearance before you start any new activity. Your doctor will review any medication you are on and advise you on any exercise or activity that you need to avoid.


    • Make sure you have appropriate clothes to exercise in. Clothing should fit well and be made out of a breathable fabric. Wearing inappropriate clothing will be uncomfortable and may cause chafing and blisters, that could become infected.


    • Wearing appropriate, well-fitting footwear and clean socks are also very important. The elderly, especially diabetics, are very prone to foot ulcers that can occur after even a few minutes of exercise in the wrong shoes. Toenails should also be neatly trimmed, especially if you are going for a walk or run.


    • Choose an activity that you enjoy, a time that suits your routine, and join a group or start a group that will join you. Exercising with like-minded people is motivating, encouraging, and holds you accountable. You are less likely to skip a session if you know that your friends are waiting for you.


    • Know your limits and don’t get discouraged. See every day that you exercise as one step closer to reaching your goal. Once exercising is firmly a part of your daily routine, you will be able to measure your progress and see an improvement in your general health.


  • Make sure that you eat a healthy diet and get plenty of rest. It’s important to realize that to maintain a healthy body it needs a healthy and balanced diet and rest, as much as it needs daily exercise.

Eastside Active Living Prioritizes Health & Happiness Of Its Residents

At Eastside Active Living we are passionate about ensuring that our residents are happy and healthy. We provide a haven with beautifully furnished apartments close to Hollywood Beach, numerous golf courses, and parks.

Our facilities include:

  • An on-site physical therapy center
  • Daily planned activities
  • Nutritious dining options
  • An on-site beauty salon – 4 days a week
  • Non-emergency ambulance transportation
  • Diverse, multilingual staff

To find out more or to view our facility, call us today at 954-923-5057.