What To Look For When Choosing An Assisted Living Facility

assisted living facilty

The golden years can be truly golden in the right assisted living facility. Choosing an assisted living facility that is a good match for you or your loved one goes a long way toward great peace of mind for the whole family.

Here at Eastside Active Living, we understand that finding the right place and making the choice can be a daunting prospect. While it’s easy to compare glossy brochures, there are some non-negotiable aspects of a suitable assisted living facility which may not always be front and center of the promotional material. Here are our top ten criteria that you can take into account as you consider your options for assisted living.

1. Varying Levels Of Care Determined By Need

Top assisted living facilities are able to offer different levels of care depending on the needs of the residents. Some older adults might only need help with daily chores such as cleaning and cooking, while those with medical needs require more specialized care. A good assisted living facility will tailor their level of care to the resident’s needs and have appropriate medical staff available, such as nursing assistants. Eastside Active Living has the added amenity of a physical therapy center on-site.

2. Activities To Stay Active

Residents should have a variety of activities and amenities available that are aimed to stimulate and engage the mind, body, and spirit. Things like arts and crafts, access to games and books, opportunities to garden, walking trails, and volunteering opportunities are all beneficial.

3. What’s On The Menu?

Appealing food that is full of good nutritional value is a vital part of a suitable assisted living facility. So much of our lives happen around meal tables, and good food is an important part of making residents feel at home. You can request a menu and ask about any special dietary requirements that you or your loved one may have. East side Active Living boasts our own in-house, five-star chef who is able to cater to any special dietary needs.

4. Happy Staff & Residents

The best way to get a good feel for a place is to speak to the residents and the staff. Don’t be shy to ask direct questions. A conversation with some of those already living there will give you a clear picture of what living in the facility is like. Staff members are ideally kind, helpful, cheerful, and respectful. The Eastside Active Living staff team is made up of a diverse group of multilingual professionals. You can also check that there is an appropriate resident to staff ratio, according to how much care is needed.

5. Cleanliness & Sanitization

Keeping an assisted living facility ultra-clean and sanitized is important for the health and well-being of the residents. There shouldn’t be any lingering unpleasant smells or mustiness in the air that are indications of an unhygienic or damp environment.

6. Location Is Key

Location is important for the resident, as well as the resident’s family. Choose a location that is close enough to where you are to allow for easy, frequent, family visits. For the resident, the facility should be close enough to allow for shopping trips, medical visits (anything that isn’t available on-site), entertainment, and anything else they may need. Eastside Assisted Living is a stone’s throw from a beach for outings or for visiting family to enjoy.

7. Enhanced Safety & Security

Built-in features that take the needs of residents into account are a must. Apart from handrails and flooring that is non-slip, extra measures should be put in place to keep dementia patients safe without fear of them wandering off and getting lost. A fully enclosed area with enhanced security will solve this issue.

8. Affordability & Budget

Although your choice will be affected by your budget, be guided first and foremost by what your loved one needs. A low-cost assisted living facility that doesn’t meet all the requirements could lead to extra expenses over time. Choosing by budget only may require a re-think and relocation down the line, which will be an extra upheaval for your loved one.

9. Read All Documents Carefully –Rules, Contracts, Inspection

You can learn a lot of important information by reading all the documents that you are given. Check the admissions document for any hidden fees or required procedures that may not be ideal for your loved one. Take your time to review all documents before signing and don’t be shy to run the documents by a friend or lawyer before signing.

10. Community Living

Being part of the Eastside Active Living community means that you’ll spend your days with a loving group of older adults who are ready to take on this new stage of life with fresh enthusiasm and energy.

As you consider your options, contact us today at (954) 923-5057,  to arrange a tour of the Eastside Active Living facility and see firsthand what sets us apart from the rest.