Retire In Style In Eastside’s Senior Apartment Villas

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South Florida is not only a popular tourist destination, but also a preferred destination where seniors can retire in style. Enjoy the region for its tropical climate, beautiful beaches, and natural landscape. The cost of living for South Florida retirement is more affordable and less densely populated than other regions of the country. Florida is also an attractive retirement option since it’s an income tax-free state, which means you pay no tax on Social Security, pension, IRA, 401(k) or other retirement income. As the 65+ older population has grown, people have different lifestyle needs, which is how Eastside’s Senior Living structures its programs around assisted, independent, and community living.

The Eastside’s Senior Apartment community is within walking distance to Hollywood Beach, shopping and dining, local markets, and a first-class golf course. Eastside’s Senior Apartments also offers a beauty salon, chef-prepared meal program, nursing assistants on-site, and non-emergency ambulance transportation.

Assisted & Independent Senior Living

At the Eastside’s senior apartments, we offer two types of adaptive living programs: Assisted Living is offered to seniors who need help with bathing, dressing, and medication administration. As a community, we provide a family-like environment of caring and support. We can also help with errands and deliveries when needed. For more active seniors we offer Independent Living, with activity options tailored to your lifestyle. We also offer beautifully designed apartments at the Villas for those seeking more privacy and their own space.

Amenities at the Eastside Apartment Villas can be customized to suit residents needs and lifestyle, whether for assisted or independent living. We also have a dedicated physical therapy center on-site and daily group activity offerings for more active seniors. Residents can enjoy standard options such as daily activities, around the clock on-site security, fiber optic wi-fi, free parking, and paid water utilities. For an affordable residential fee, Villa’s residents can enjoy our meal program (choose one or all three meals per day!), in addition to housekeeping, and laundry service.

Senior Apartment Villas

The Villas are designed for independent, active seniors who can benefit from the Eastside’s Senior Living amenities and programs, but also need some degree of solitude. The contemporary bungalow one-bedroom apartments feature new appliances, tile floors, and central AC. Units are available furnished or unfurnished for those residents who wish to relocate with all the comforts and cherished possessions of home.

If you prefer a furnished unit, we consider every detail from appliances to a comfortably appointed living room, full kitchen, and bathroom. A furnished Villa apartment eliminates the hassle of hiring movers as you transition to your new home. For others who prefer to keep their furnishings and treasures from home, unfurnished apartments are also available.

What makes the Eastside’s Apartment Villas exceptional is that it’s more like resort living than a conventional retirement community. The grounds are within walking distance to the Hollywood Beach and Boardwalk, shopping and services along Hollywood Boulevard, and Young Circle. If you prefer, we also provide shuttle service to residents. Although our care and nursing assistants on-site are professionals licensed with the state, you can think of us as concierge staff. We’re here to support our residents with even the smallest task or need. We pride ourselves on the quality of on-site services and care we offer. Eastside’s Senior Apartments is like a piece of paradise and community in Broward County.

Custom Consultation: Senior Apartments & Villas In Hollywood, FL

Eastside’s Senior Apartment Villas offer an escape to a warm, friendly, and relaxed retirement community. You can leave the cold Midwest and Northeastern winters behind and enjoy sunshine year-round in paradise. We offer financial assistance to those who qualify to ease the burden to residents and their families. If you’re considering retirement to the Sunshine State, contact Eastside Active Living to schedule a consultation and learn more about retiring in style at the Eastside Senior Apartment Villas.

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