Tips For Finding Affordable Senior Living

affordable senior living

Whether you are looking at senior living options for yourself or a loved one, the cost of most reputable places may come as a shock! No matter what our age, we deserve a comfortable, enriching, and affordable life. It may seem there is no middle ground between expensive, luxurious accommodations and affordable, run-down options. But at Eastside Active Living, we believe you don’t have to sacrifice your savings for comfort. Our expert staff discuss the tips you should know for finding affordable senior living that makes the most of the golden years.

According to the National Center for Assisted Living (NCAL), a division of the American Health Care Association (AHCA), more than one million seniors are currently living at some type of senior living facility. That number is estimated to double by 2030. Now more than ever, it is crucial to find a community where you or your loved one can continue to live the best life, affordably. Here are some tips to consider when seeking an engaging facility that doesn’t break the bank:

Determine Your Needs

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to senior living. While many seniors are still in the prime of their lives and want to downsize and reduce their expenses, others require access to differing levels of aid with daily activities. Though many communities only cater to one specific type of client, Eastside Active Living offers both independent and assisted senior living options. It is also vital to consider future needs, which is why finding a place that provides both makes for an easy transition.

Ask Around

So often, we rely on reviews and information on the internet to make our decisions on senior living options. While that is a valuable resource, we must keep in mind there is a lot of biased information out there — good and bad. Seeking out friends and residents who currently live-in senior living is a fantastic way to find out what a particular community is genuinely like. Take their thoughts and weigh them against your needs, or those of your loved ones.

Visit The Facility

Make visiting the facility a top priority! A website will always shed the community in a positive light; you never know what it is actually like unless you see it for yourself. Not only will you be able to tour the grounds and get a better sense of the amenities offered, but you will also get more insight into what the surrounding community is like! For example, not only is Eastside Active Living located on a spacious property, but it is also located in beautiful Hollywood, Florida, and its bustling community and beach!

Consider Safety and Security

Safety is crucial to finding the right senior living community for yourself or a family member. Determining whether the center is safe goes beyond a tour. For a more in-depth look, do a background check on their state records to see if there is a history of mistreatment, lawful offenses, or criminal activity. On your tour, be sure to talk to residents to see if they have experienced any injustices or neglect. Also, be sure to speak with the staff to get a better grasp of their security protocols. For example, at Eastside Active Living, we have 24-hour security for all of our residents.

Life At Eastside’s Affordable Senior Living Community

With the vast array of amenities and options we have to offer, Eastside Active Living is the real deal. We dedicate ourselves to providing the best care to all residents, while also giving them a sense of community and daily activities at affordable rates! From our gourmet dining options to our in-house doctor, our residents’ health and happiness are our top priorities. If you have any questions about senior living at Eastside or would like to schedule a tour, call us today at (954)-923-5057!