Frequently Asked Questions When Considering A Retirement Community

retirement community

Moving onto the next stage of life to a retirement community, can be daunting, but to prepare yourself and your loved ones for this step, it is a great idea to be aware of the most frequently asked questions when considering a retirement community.

What Is Meant By Senior Living?

Senior living entails various means of housing and healthcare choices for older adults. This type of living, usually found in a retirement community, involves independent and assisted living. Just because “retirement” is in the retirement community, does not mean that all senior residents are fully retired or partly retired.

With the choices of independent or assisted living, independent living includes an upkeep-free way of living with the perks of community luxuries. On the other hand, assisted living occupants obtain the care they need, such as bathing, getting dressed, medication administering, and so on.

A retirement community, like Eastside Active Living, offers great conveniences and amenities, like a Call Button Pendant which provides immense relief to the residents and their families. They have a gorgeous courtyard where many activities are held.

This retirement community also supplies an in-house physical therapy facility with machines and on-staff physical therapists, who are multi-lingual including English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Creole, and Russian.

Keeping our senior residents active, happy, and engaged is an important part of life at Eastside. This is why we are proud to offer an in-house salon for hair services and pedicures/manicures and an abundance of fun activities like yoga, Zumba, shuffleboard, painting, art, and religion. Eastside Active living also offers an on-site non-emergency ambulance transportation service and dental services.

Last, but not least, the community should be conveniently located close to areas of importance like hospitals and doctor’s offices, as well as grocery stores and shopping centers. Eastside Active Living boasts a location that is near several major hospitals and the facility is just three miles from Hollywood Beach! If that weren’t enough to entice you into considering our retirement community to live out your golden years, we’re also close to beautiful West Lake Park, various golf courses, Publix, and a shopping center!

What Does A Continuing Care Retirement Community Involve?

This type of community provides several choices spanning the continuum of senior living residency and healthcare sphere. For instance, Eastside Active Living offers independent senior living, assisted senior living, as well as villas. They also accept Medicaid Long Term Care Program. If there is a change in a resident’s care, they can transition within a community to the care setting that matches their needs.

How Do You Know It’s Time For A Retirement Community?

Making the decision to move any time can be a difficult one, but a retirement community like Eastside Active Living and their fantastic on-site amenities, offers more than just a space to exist, but provides an exciting, supportive, and beneficial lifestyle, excusing the worries of maintaining a home.

When it is the right time for you or your loved ones to move into a retirement community that is not a nursing home, depends on different time frames. For instance, when do you want to begin your research? When do you or your loved ones plans on slimming down your options? When do you want to move? Essentially, if you do have a long-term plan to move into this type of community, decide what needs to happen between now and the future date to prepare yourself for the move.

Present living situation may also bring into perspective if you or those you love are ready to be involved in a retirement community. Speaking to senior living consultants may also better help you and your loved ones assess current needs and preferences for the best living situation and even plan for evolving care requirements. Research is helpful in this decision process.

Local Retirement Communities Near Me

Transitioning into a retirement community can be intimidating but conducting necessary research into your possible options can make this next phase in your life or your loved ones’ lives much easier.

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